Our Story

We didn't set out to solve the cookie problem or remove bots from paid traffic nor to eliminate the need for any customer data. We set out to future-proof your digital ad performance because, digital ad platforms provide just enough success to keep you using them, while paying them substantially (much like a casino). That's why no matter your sophistication, you're usually getting minimal returns. By creating lookalike audiences based on people who have already purchased, you're telling the platform's algorithms to neglect the signals, behaviors, and events that led up to the key conversion event. That wasn't a game we wanted to play anymore. So, we changed the game by making their systems work for you. Our AI allows you to target pre-purchase events and behaviors in real-time, while everyone else is chasing people. Simply put, Marketingmaster ai leverages the AD platforms to find the pre-purchase events and then sinks and serves the ads in real-time across the crucial moments before buyers take action (on whatever success event you define). By targeting those specific behaviors in real-time, you gain a significantly higher return. No more bots, no more tire kickers, and no cookies or data are necessary, and it only gets better over time. That's the power of messaging your market in the moment.

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