Precision AI for Digital Marketing in the Privacy Era.

Increase ROAS, lower CPA, and 1st click attribution. No PII, no data retention, and no cookies required.

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Nathan Chan CEO and Founder

Within 60 days, Marketingmaster ai helped a shark tank funded ecommerce company reduce its retargeting CPA by 80%.


Audience targeting and Attribution have become severely compromised for digital marketers, as Facebook Ads removed cookies in 2022, Google will be removing similar audience segments from all ad groups and campaigns in August 2023, all cookies in 2024, and sunsetting four types of attribution in 2023.


MMAI creates precision buyer-prediction scores based on anonymous behavior, not cookies or PII. We make audiences from all anonymous user actions to create future-customer prediction scores (deciles). From anonymous customer User IDs, session IDs and user actions we can track the full customer journey so you can find friction, and track First-Click attribution.

Audiences built on real-time buying behavior

Ads positioned in milliseconds based on buying behavior

Zero reliance on 3rd Party Data, Cookies, or Personal Data

Score Behavior In Real-Time

Increase ROAS, lower CPA, and 1st click attribution. No PII, no data retention, and no cookies required.

Simple Codeless Plug-In

Marketingmaster ai’s anonymous 1st party platform’s codeless plug-in is easily deployed and implemented in a matter of minutes.

Integrate in minutes with our tag manager templates
Custom predictions available on page load
Easily plug scores into all of the tools and platforms you use
Contact Center
Site Monetization
Marketing Clouds

Fuels Your Advertising Platforms

Marketingmaster AI trains platform algorithms to find more prospects exhibiting buying behaviors you desire at scale.

The Results

1. Increase ROAS (Return on Ad Spend) by 10-29%

Waste zero ad dollars on bots, and empower your whole organization to use anonymous first party data in messaging, ad budgeting, sales automation, A/B testing and more.

2. Reduce CPA (Cost per Acquisition) by 24-52%

Sync seamlessly to feed real-time data to all your Advertising platforms, training their algorithms to find more prospects exhibiting the buying behaviors you desire, at scale.

3. Simple no-code add-on with no adoption curve

There is no software to integrate and MMAI does not replace anything you are using now - it compliments it. Onboarding takes less than 15 minutes and the insights start pouring in.

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